"He was a bold man that first ate an oyster." - Jonathan Swift

"It is no less bold of you to try your first either!" - Eric Giesbrecht


At OysterTribe there are few things we enjoy more than watching a virgin take in their first oyster. As "agents of conversion" we look forward to those moments where the cherry pops and we bear witness to the creation of an eternal memory: one's first oyster. With access to some of the greatest shellfish available in Canada and beyond we can create a raw bar experience that even bi-valve veterans will recall fondly.

We will come to your home, office, wedding or anywhere else that we can set up a 4 foot table and enough space above to raise the roof. A Raw Bar usually includes 3-4 varieties of oysters ranging from the well known Virginica and Myagi to the cherished Kumamoto and sought after Olympia, all matched with your soon-to-be-favourite hot sauce and original recipe mignonettes. In season we expand Raw Bar offerings to include freshly shucked scallops and littleneck clams, can include various sashimi presentations of line caught "iki jime" fish from the South Pacific and world class wild-caught Canadian sturgeon caviar and other fish roes. Here's a few samples of Christmas Past:

  • Steamed mussels and clams, crab legs and BC prawns with classic saffron aioli, cocktail sauce and the like

  • Sashimi of iki jime graded line caught Hamachi, Madai, Shima Aji with pickled sea lettuce and lemon oil

  • Caviar Bar offering cured eggs from wild-caught and farmed Canadian sturgeons, wild caught trout and whitefish roe and a line of veg-head friendly kelp caviars.

  • Smoked Fish Platter: House Smoked Oysters, BBQ'd Eel, House Smoked Mackerel, Candied Sablefish and Salmon, Hot Smoked Sturgeon complemented with mounds of local mustards, pickled ramps and seasonal wild mushrooms.

For a more diverse protein offering we can also offer outstanding Charcuterie and Cheese boards sourced through local partnerships with CHAR|CUT and JBFC as well as Eric's most cherished labour of love: mapled foie gras torchon, as long as there's any left...