Farmers: Leslie Hardy & Sons

Place:  East Bideford,  P.E.I.

Product:  Leslie Hardy (Cultivated, Cocktail Grade), Salt Grass Point (Wild, Premium Select)

Leslie Hardy & Sons has been in operation since 1980, but their rich family history in the fishing industry dates back to the mid 1800's in Rapley Cove, Prince Edward Island.  Now, Leslie and Shirley and their 8 children carry on the tradition of having their hands in the water.  From lobster fishing and seed harvesting to   raising champion shuckers, their family plays a major role in the local economy. As a pillar of the oyster community, their business contributes to the well being and economic growth as their aquaculture operation provides jobs for the local economy of Ellerslie. 

Leslie Hardy offers both a wild, bottom cultured oyster as well as a cultivated oyster, and many of the products are harvested and shipped the same day.