Farmers: Steve & Linda Pocock and Family.  

Place: Read Island, British Columbia

Product: Sawmill Bay-Beach grown oyster, Read Island-Deep water oyster, Clams-Manilla, Mussels-Gallo & Edulis

Steve and Linda fell in love with Canada after a ski vacation. Originally from England, they farmed vegetables in France before moving to British Columbia.  Upon their arrival, they didn't jump right into shellfish farming, first raising cattle.  Steve and Linda began their business by knocking on restaurant doors and sharing the fruits of their labours.  They now distribute oysters to wide variety of clients, each boasting the beauty and taste of the Sawmill Bay Oyster.  

Sawmill Bay Shellfish company produces both a beach grown and deep water grown oyster.  The glacial fed,  cool waters of the area provide a perfect setting for their oysters to thrive.  Due to the remote location and therefore limited human traffic, the waters are pure and the oyster beds create reef like structures providing homes to many sea creatures such as anemones, sea urchins and other micro organisms. The product is processed and delivered within 24 hours of harvest, there are no holding tanks for these beautiful bivalves and molluscs. The shellfish are hand cleaned, ensuring the preservation of and elongating the life span.    


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