Dafne & Giant Kombu

Forager: Dafne Romero

Place: Village of Queen Charlotte, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia


  • Wild Giant Kelp: Powder, Flakes and Lasagna Sheets.
  • Wild Kombu: Powder, Flakes
  • Wild Wakame

Dafne Romero established North Pacific Kelp in 2009  after an inspirational trip to Gwaii Haanas National Park ignited a spark and passion to educate herself on the phycology of edible seaweed. North Pacific Kelp started with a vision to bring awareness of the benefits of a diet that includes seaweed, but harvested only in such a way that ensures conservation and protection of the Haida Gwaii area. By hand harvesting the kelp beds, only  the upper layer of the kelp canopy to ensure the least impact of the kelp forests.  Her hopes for the future include educational programs and working on foraging methods where NPK can give back to the community, her ultimate goal being the reduction of environmental impacts associated with natural resource extraction. 

Kombu fields.jpg

Recommended reading: Pacific Seaweeds by Louise Druhel