Farmer: Tim Coertze, originally from South Africa, now calls Lasqueti Island, British Columbia his home.  

Product: Lambertini Oyster, named for being grown in the Lambert Straight

PlaceHornby Island, BC

Since 2003, Tim and his family have cultivated oysters with a strong commitment to low-impact sustainability. The Lambertini is a very labour intensive oyster, as the oyster seed (spat) is collected by hand from the wild, in Pendril Sound, during spawning season.  The oysters are brought back to Hornby Island, where they are raised in a wild environment,whose remote location allows for a pristine setting .These beach grown oysters open and close with each tide, allowing the abductor to form fully.  What sets the Lambertini oyster apart is the fact that the seed is not grown in a hatchery, and no chemical compounds are used in the production of the oyster.