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Oyster Existentialism 101



Eric Giesbrecht owner of Meta4 Foods and Chief of the OYSTERTRIBE, Calgary based Oyster, Seafood, Shellfish and Foraged Goods distributor

Hosted at Meta4 Foods: 903B 48th Ave SE-Calgary, AB



To host 12 participants in a playful, hands-on exploration the Oyster’s curious relationship to the Good, the True and the Beautiful.


6:30pm:  Cocktail reception at the Meta4 Foods warehouse (grazing dinner?)

7:00pm:  Presentation on Oyster Existentialism 101, by Eric Giesbrecht

7:30pm:  Shucking demonstration

8:15pm:  Hands-on shucking instruction for all participants

9:30pm:  Wrap up, hugs and initiation into the OYSTERTRIBE


We begin the formal offerings with a presentation laying out the wonders of one of the world’s first, and possibly most mysterious, source of food on the planet. Deceiving in its simplicity, the Oyster is one of the most successful organisms ever to populate the shores of planet Earth. Come with a playful mind and a listening ear, as the oyster can speak volumes.


Come learn about the fascinating family farms currently working in partnership with Eric to bring extraordinary gustatory experiences to your lips and heart. You will experience an immersion into the joy of eating oysters, by your own hand, as Eric demystifies the shucking experience and introduces the notion that we are not just what we eat, but HOW we eat as well.

Hands On:

Then step up, knife in hand, and allow Eric aid you in revealing your inner-oyster-opener, disclosing to you the secret to shucking oysters without injury at the operational base of Calgary’s own long-standing oyster importer/distributor, Meta4 Foods.


Suggested donation $75, with proceeds going towards supporting one of the city’s community mental health service organizations.

Register at:, or call 403-214-1478